As green as North Yorkshire's fields, the greener Keeping Digital.

"As a charitable organisation that does so much good for the people of North Yorkshire, it's time we did good for our planet!"

We're not going to lie, our previous website needed serious improvement to meet our goal to go green.
3.78 g of CO2 was produced every single time someone visited one of our web page.
The reason why we were at that number is because our previous website used bog standard energy, but we weren't a bog standard organisation.
So, we had 2 options... plant 21 trees a year to absorb our CO2 or go green, so we chose both!

Being 100% renewable.

Obviously, we still need to use energy to power our website... but we now use 100% renewable energy, exciting right!

Our new datacentre runs on 100% green-sourced power as specified by E.ON (the Supplier) and as regulated by Ofgem. E.ON are one of the leading renewable generators in the UK with over 20 on-shore and off-shore wind farms, including the London Array, the world's largest off-shore wind farm with a capacity of 630MW.

Picture: E.ON's 630MW "London Array", the world's largest off-shore wind farm, which reduces CO2 emissions by 900,000 tons annually.


Our server is also a proud member of The Green Web Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation who are on a mission to speed up the transition towards a completely green Internet.
You can verify our website is running on renewable energy on their website.

We didn't wait until 2050...
we did this in just one month!

Our website doesn't look much different, but we are now powered by 100% renewable energy, allowing a natural resource, the wind, to keep us online.
We think that's pretty cool!

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