Updates from the Keeping Digital Foundation team on the response to the Coronavirus pandemic.


An update on Coronavirus.

Due to current national restrictions, our face-to-face services are suspended and our teams are working from home. We hope to get back to normal soon and are taking steps ready for a safe return like we did last Summer.

Let's keep safe together.

With many of the people who use our services being vulnerable, or young people (who are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, we are supporting the NHS Confederation's #NotTooMuchToMask campaign.

The remaining lockdown restrictions in England have lifted and alongside that, legal requirements around wearing face masks and social distancing are being removed. The Coronavirus vaccination programme has been a phenomenal success, and for those fully vaccinated has significantly reduced infection, ill health and death. However, not everyone has received both doses of the vaccine yet and for some, their immune systems still make them vulnerable to infection.

We hope the public join us by doing the following when attending our services:

1. Wearing a face mask or covering, unless exempt.
2. Supporting us as we continue to keep our indoor spaces well ventilated.
3. Cleaning your hands regularly.
4. Getting tested, continuing to Track & Trace and self-isolate when required.
5. Getting both doses of the Coronavirus vaccine when offered.

After all, it is #NotTooMuchToMask.

How we are staying COVID-secure.

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